August 12, 2013 Being Your Own Platform

Marco Arment on being your own platform.

You can use someone else’s software, but still have your own “platform”, if you’re hosting it from a domain name you control and are able to easily take your content and traffic with you to another tool or host at any time. You don’t need to go full-Stallman and build your own blogging engine from scratch on a Linux box in your closet — a Tumblr, Squarespace, or WordPress blog is perfectly fine if you use your own domain name and can export your data easily.

I have always wanted to host Egg Freckles on Tumblr for its easy to use casual approach to blogging.
But I could never get past the fact Tumblr controls your post’s slug, injecting a random number in between your domain name and your title.

Part of the reason Egg Freckles has been so successful for me is because it is portable.
If I lose interest in my current workflow I can quickly move to a new CMS.
The only data you will find in my post slug is my domain name, and my post’s title.
No dates, no randomly generated numbers, and certainly no exclamation marks.
By keeping things simple, Egg Freckles is compatible with more blogging software without losing my readership to .htacess hacks and broken links.
Being my own platform may not have made me a better writer, but the ability for me to pack up and leave to any CMS has kept me interested in blogging.
The fact that you are reading this today is a testament to the power of “being your own platform.”