November 20, 2012 Bond Watch

When you think of a Bond Watch, what comes to mind? Style, luxury, sophistication? Perhaps the actor who played James Bond in your favorite 007 movie, or maybe the over-the-top gadgetry that made the Bond Watch a trademark of the 007 films from the late 70’s and early 80’s?1 No matter your initial reaction, or the concealed gadget inside, we can all attest to the coolness of the 007 timepiece. A symbol for the man every boy wants to grow up to be, and the confidence every grown man wishes he could achieve.

As an avid Bond fan I have collected all of the movies, read all of the books, and played most of the video games2. Not one for props, memorabilia, or firearms, I thought my Bond collection was complete just as long as I stayed up-to-date with the release of the latest films3. It wasn’t until I became jealous of my friend’s Omega Seamaster, that I realized owning an authentic Bond Watch could be within my future.

The first step in buying a Bond Watch is figuring out which watch to buy. In the movies Bond wore everything from a Rolex Submariner, to a digital Seiko. Of course for me James Bond meant Pierce Brosnan, and his ocean blue Omega Seamaster. What can I say I am a child of the 90’s.

The Omega Seamaster 2531.80 Chronometer is the watch Pierce Brosnam wore in all of his Bond movies.4 It played such an important role in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Die Another Day that it has become known as the definitive “James Bond Watch.” Hand held lasers, and remote explosive detonators aside, I wanted this watch because of its recognizable face and sophisticated style. It is by far the nicest thing I own.

What I like most about my Seamaster is its color. Depending on the light it can either appear to be deep black, or bright blue. The wave pattern on the face equally distributes light in mysterious ways. The skeleton hands, although not as legible at night as the sword hands of other Seamasters5, provides a sophistication that is unique to this model of watch.

If you have never worn a Seamaster than you are missing out on way the two-tone stainless steel bracelet drapes across your wrist. Nothing is as comfortable. Unlike leather it is impervious to moisture, and unlike the cheap links of other straps, it never pinches the skin.

A brand new Seamaster costs several thousand dollars these days, but due to a vibrant second hand market on eBay I was able to pick mine up at less than half the asking price6. When it comes to the decision between Quartz and Automatic, I would spend the couple extra hundred dollars for the Chronometer. I didn’t think it would make a difference, but I have grown to appreciate the steady ticking of a mechanical movement with no electrical parts; that will never need a replacement battery.

With the exception of my computers, I own very little in the line of luxury. I do not own a car, my TV has always been small, my home is just an apartment on a busy street. I bought my Bond Watch because it is the best I could afford, and hope it lasts long enough to pass onto a future generation7. More importantly, it is a constant reminder of confidence. James Bond might be a fictional character, but his legendary confidence has captivated audiences for over 50 years. That is a quality money can’t buy.

  1. And in my opinion the low point of the franchise. 

  2. GoldenEye being my favorite of course. 

  3. Skyfall is a must see by the way. 

  4. Not true, he wore a quartz model Seamaster 2541.80 in GoldenEye, but that is just because Omega was being cheap. 

  5. Full body watch hands allow for more luminescent coating, making them more visible in the dark 

  6. Just be sure to ask for the warranty, box, and papers. 

  7. I may not use features like the Helium Escape Valve, or water resistance up to 300 meters, but reliability and craftsmanship rarely go out of style.